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Vive Le Football starts pre-download For iOS

Vive Le Football Android and iOS by Victory Games Inc. Powerful warriors who can handle the most challenging enemies are the main attractions of this

Vive Le Football Android and iOS by Victory Games Inc. Powerful warriors who can handle the most challenging enemies are the main attractions of this game. Fight through the various levels to unlock hidden content and improve your skills.

Ulala Heroes
Image by Vive Le Football

The Description of Vive Le Football android by NetEase Mobile Games..

About this game

Linyin Faith is a football game developed by Netease and officially licensed by FIFPro. It features rich and innovative gameplay and a re-creation of the real football league. You can also create your green legend by immersing yourself in the various attractions of the field.

Linyin Faith is the first football game that NetEase has created independently. It is powered by the latest generation of Messiah, which promises to provide players with the most realistic control experience.

The game features an innovative AI system, which allows players to control their movement and play with the most authentic and realistic football experience. It also allows them to create their green legend by immersing themselves in the various attractions of the field.

Featured stand-alone league gameplay

The game's story mode and league journey are designed to meet the varying needs of different players. Whether you want to challenge AI in the league to win the cup, compete against other players in qualifying, or participate in classic battles set in the past, the game has something for everyone.

Authentic authorization of FIFPro and giant club

Through the official licensing agreement of FIFPro, Linyin Faith allows players to obtain the best possible players. In addition, it will enable them to build their fantasy team. This allows them to compete against other players and participate in various events.

Manager's gameplay is easy to upgrade

In addition, the game's manager qualifying game allows players to create their team and participate in various events. They can also incarnate the coach's role and lead their team during the match.
A new legend is coming soon.

In addition to Drogba's endorsement, Luyin Faith is about to welcome new legendary players, and we look forward to these legends shining in the green again.

HD 3D club hall

The game's club management experience is designed to provide players with an immersive experience. They can explore the club's various attractions and interact with its players. It also allows them to enter the game's UI to play with the most realistic football experience.

Add featured street venues.

The game's streetball mode continues to evolve. It now features a new venue allowing players to experience a unique, fast-paced game. No matter where they are in the game, the freehand and relaxed style of play allows them to have a great time.

How to install Vive Le Football?

  • Download the game;
  • Choose either guest login or by providing your phone number;
  • No matter which way you choose, you will need to enter a name and ID of a Chinese person from this table.
  • You might not be able to install Vive Le Football on Android 13, as the game won't even give you a chance to complete identification, because it crashes.

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