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Oasis Bistro Download Android & iOS APK

Welcome to Oasis Bistro, a tavern management game where you can build your dream bistro out of cooking, crafting, and decorating.

oasis Bistro Mobile FanMade Android and iOS by EYOUGAME(USS) Mobile for android ios is a first-person Strategy game. The game is a direct continuation of the previous cult part of Halo 3.

Oasis Bistro APK
Image by Oasis Bistro APK

The Description of Oasis Bistro by EYOUGAME(USS)..

About this game

You can build a beautiful restaurant using various tools and techniques in this game. To restore your kingdom, you must start with a small one.

This game aims to build a bustling restaurant that will serve as a hub for travelers to meet and rest. You will hire staff, decorate the place, and do your guests as you transform it into a bustling establishment. As you continue to improve the restaurant, you will unlock new recipes and expand its space.

Get your restaurant running.

You will hire staff to ensure the restaurant is well-equipped to serve its customers. You will also need to upgrade the equipment to ensure that it is ready to meet the needs of its guests. To avoid running out of ingredients, provide you regularly visit the store.

Decorate the way you want

Prepare the interior of the building by adding various decorations and furniture. Adding more patterns and colors can also expand the restaurant's space. You can easily create different styles and designs by increasing the establishment's reputation.

Go on adventure

You can hire the best mercenaries in this game and build the strongest team to take on the most challenging and unpredictable game. Throughout the continent, you can explore different terrains and climates to collect various resources and find enemies.

Go Social with friends.

You can also trade items with your friends to improve the quality of your life. You can additionally attend special events and help each other in combat.

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